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Welcome to Shadowtrain, a gathering of poems and other writings, from the lyrical to the innovative, whatever happens to sting and stun the editor.

July-August, 2014
Shadowtrain 42

Janet Sutherland blows with a soft breath across our palms; Max Ghiara talks about the temptations of philosophers, again; Liz Adams goes beyond the track, another way; Martin Stannard sends a message by return dove; Alan Baker wishes she would tap at his window and smile; Iain Britton picks up coins dropped from the pockets of long-term sleepers; Rupert M Loydell skulks on the edges of poorly-lit rooms; Dick Jones scars the white sand; Ben Parker listens to telephones singing for no-one; Hillary Lyon finds her finger is on the latch; Mark Russell is troubled by humours in the body; Jonah Wilberg is involved in intercourse with all that is; Lawrence Upton remembers the insinuation of violent air; Carrie Ichikawa Jenkins steals the space around us.